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What’s So Funny! is a comedy show originally recorded for radio which ran until 2008.  The host of What’s So Funny! is Dave Schwensen, a former television talent coordinator in Los Angeles and New York, author of How To Be A Working Comic, and comedy coach for The Improv comedy clubs in Chicago, Cleveland and Tampa.  In each episode, Dave interviews a guest comedian, discussing how that comedian got his start and tips of the trade. They listen to and comment on bits of his stand-up performances, as well as those of the comedy greats.  What’s So Funny! is now being re-released as podcasts by The Front Porch People in seasonal format.  New episodes every other Tuesday!

S1 Ep8: Featuring Marc Jaffe

Host: Dave Schwensen

Guest Comedian: Marc Jaffe

Featuring Clips by: Jerry Seinfeld, Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding, Jake Johannsen

Episode Description: Jaffe tells us everything about writing comedy, from using his wife's career for inspiration to his time as a writer for Seinfeld.

Note: All What's So Funny! episodes are re-releases from the 2008 radio program by The Front Porch People.

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