Greenlight Reviews is a movie review podcast hosted by Hollywood critics, Les Roberts and Ann Elder. Each episode is about 7-12 minutes in length, and contains an in depth analysis of the film. Les and Ann's Hollywood experience gives them the insight to discuss plot, script, direction, casting, and whatever else you might want to know about a movie! The easy-going, conversational format of the show makes it enjoyable for movie buffs and novices alike.

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"The Campaign" Won Our Votes

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Release Year: 2012

Rating: R

Genre: Comedy

Review Summary: Ann and Les cast votes in favor of this hilarious cast!

Plot: In this slapstick satire about politics, a corrupt congressman runs for reelection against a man funded by some millionaire brothers. 85 minutes runtime.

Director: Jay Roach

Writer: Chris Henchy*

Starring: Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis and Jason Sudeikis

Transcript of the 90 Second Capsule Review:

Les: Welcome to the Rental Report. My name is Les Roberts.

Ann: And I'm Ann Elder. Today you'll hear a bit from our review of the 2012 comic romp, "The Campaign." Les, tell us all about the plot.

Les: "The Campaign" tells the naive, uncharismatic Marty Huggins, who is selected by two billionaires, to run against the five-term, North Carolina congressman and sex maniac, Cam Brady. Raunchy, bizarre, and hysterically funny.

Ann: Well here's what we had to say about, "The Campaign:"

Les: Zach Galifianakis is so absolutely hysterical in this film.

Ann: He is. And it's an excellent costar for Will Ferrell. Now if you're thinking that this is a fully-realized satire; know it is not.

Les: No.

Ann: This is a much less sophisticated take on politics.

Les: I laughed from start to finish.

Ann: So did I.

Les: I laughed at things, and then I’d say, ‘Why did I just laugh at that? That was a horrible thing to say,’ but not in this film.

Ann: It's a scream.

Les: It is a scream.

Ann: I like the fact that "The Campaign" takes jabs at local politics, but it doesn't do it in a mean and vicious way. It's just silly, crazy, and wacky. For me I just can't say enough about it, so I'll just shut up and say green light for "The Campaign!"

Les: Okay, I think it is the funniest film of the year so far, so I'm going to give it a green light, also.

Ann: Mmhmmm.

Les: Okay, two green lights for the very funny, “The Campaign.”

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