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Greenlight Reviews is a movie review podcast hosted by Hollywood critics, Les Roberts and Ann Elder. Each episode is about 7-12 minutes in length, and contains an in depth analysis of the film. Les and Ann's Hollywood experience gives them the insight to discuss plot, script, direction, casting, and whatever else you might want to know about a movie! The easy-going, conversational format of the show makes it enjoyable for movie buffs and novices alike.

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Movie Release Years: 2011

"Bernie" PG-13

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Ann and Les adored this dark comedy which features gritty, real citizens from Bernie's hometown.

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Ann and Les were not impressed by the eerie, emotionless performance of the lead.

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The lead actors had great timing, great chemistry and really worked well together. However, their humor was too vulgar for Ann's tastes which ruined the film for her.

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While Ann did not find this rom-com to be either romantic or comedic, Les disagreed with her on both accounts.

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Ann and Les were both absolutely riveted with this original and unconventional mystery film.

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"Hanna" PG-13

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Les found this movie to be "terrifically suspenseful," and Ann thought it was very creative and original, with "brilliant moments of small discoveries."

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"Hugo" PG

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While the 3D and visual execution of this film blew Ann & Les away, the actors and finished storyline were a little underwhelming.

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Ann and Les think this film is great for young girls, but it's a little heavy-handed with the morals and will likely seem cheesy for adults.

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Ann & Les can't figure out how they spent $150M making this film; the special effects look cheap, as does the rest of the film.

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"Warrior" PG-13

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This film does something Ann hasn't seen in years: "it has two protagonists, but you're rooting for both."

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