GREENLIGHTReviews is a movie review podcast hosted by Hollywood critics, Les Roberts and Ann Elder.  Each episode is about 7-12 minutes in length, and contains an in depth analysis of the film. Les and Ann's Hollywood experience gives them the insight to discuss plot, script, direction, casting, and whatever else you might want to know about a movie! The easy-going, conversational format of the show makes it enjoyable for movie buffs and novices alike.  New episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

GREENLIGHTReviews Episodes

Ann & Les can't figure out how they spent $150M making this film; the special effects look cheap, as does the rest of the film.

"Warrior" PG-13

This film does something Ann hasn't seen in years: "it has two protagonists, but you're rooting for both."
Ann and Les were thoroughly disappointed by this depiction of an American icon; they thought the film made this strong woman appear weak and unadmirable.
Although raunchy, Ann and Les found this movie to be terribly funny and entertaining, and they thought Leonardo DiCaprio was just wonderful as the lead.
While Les enjoyed seeing the life of a local legend up on screen, Ann said that even the Cleveland setting wasn't enough to save this cinematic disaster.
Les thinks this is a brilliant psychological thriller, but to Ann it is a cheap Action film.
Ann loved how the writers threw in lots of grown-up jokes, and Les thoroughly enjoyed himself watching the final Shrek movie.

"Brooklyn" PG-13

Ann and Les thought this was a beautifully made movie full of charm and wonderful acting.
Ann thought that the characters in this movie were unrealistic and unfunny. Les did find some scenes to be funny, although the actual dinner party was not one of them.
Ann and Les thought this was a classic piece of filmmaking, and they found it both touching and intellectually entertaining.

Our Rating System

A GREEN light means go see this movie!
A YELLOW light means approach this movie with caution.
A RED light means hit the stop button on this movie.

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