Introducing...Evergreen Podcasts!

Front Porch has got some exciting news to share with all of our great listeners. Something extraordinary and big.

No, it’s not a new show (although we do have plenty of those in the works). No, it’s not a new partnership (although we have several of those in the works as well).

When we say big, we are talking a whole new podcast network big.

Because that’s exactly what we are doing. Front Porch is introducing an entirely new, separate (and yet not entirely separate) podcast website and hosting platform.

What is it? A brand new premier podcast network titled Evergreen Podcasts that will host a diverse but carefully curated blend of highly produced shows, each offering a uniquely tailored listening experience for fans of that particular niche. It will house a combination of shows previously featured on the Front Porch platform (such as the new hit design podcast, Design Everywhere), shows recently acquired by the Front Porch (such as the extremely popular motocross podcast, PitPassMoto), and brand new shows yet unreleased to the public (such as the highly anticipated music podcast, Riffs on Riffs). While Evergreen Podcasts will contain a myriad of podcasts as various as they are entertaining, all of the shows will be united by the fact that they are of the highest production quality and are all, truly, evergreen; that is, timeless and universally relevant.

Who is behind it? We are! Yes, yours truly, Front Porch Media, is orchestrating this exciting launch of shows on this new “sister” podcast channel. The Front Porch is getting back to its roots; that is, we are keeping our Front Porch catalog of shows to a select number and style of show, including both signature Front Porch podcast shows and a few new ones. The new shows that will be hosted on Evergreen Podcasts are fully supported and endorsed by Front Porch Media, although perhaps they do not perfectly align with the Front Porch catalog of family-oriented storytelling shows.

Where can I find it? You can find Evergreen Podcasts at its brand new website (that is as beautiful as it is functional):! But not yet! Because...

When will it launch? Evergreen Podcasts will launch on October 17th! In just a few short weeks, you will be able to access the initial catalog of shows that will be hosted on Evergreen Podcasts, including the brand new music podcast, Riffs on Riffs (whose launch date just so happens to coincide with the launch of Evergreen Podcasts).

Why should I be excited? Let’s just say that we can’t spill all of our secrets yet, but we’ve got big plans for Evergreen Podcasts, and trust us - you want to be a part of this. There’s something for everyone on this new podcast network.

Stay in the loop and get updates on all things related to the exciting new launch of Evergreen Podcasts by signing up for Front Porch email updates! And be sure to follow us on social media for lots of fun sneak peeks and teasers of the new shows! Listen In. Listen Up. Listen Good.

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