10 New Movies to Watch at Home This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to catch up on all of the new movies that you haven’t had a chance to see yet, and we are here to make finding these movies as easy as can be! All of the following films received at least one “green light” from our movie reviewers, Ann and Les, and most of them received two green lights. If you are unfamiliar with our “traffic light” movie rating system, a green light means GO see this movie! Consequently, a yellow light means to approach the movie with caution, and a red light advises that you do not see the movie. If you know Ann and Les at all, then you know that they do not freely throw out green lights; therefore, the fact that so many new movies from the end of the year 2016 and beginning of 2017 received green lights is great news for all movie watchers!

Most of these movies are out of theaters now, but they can be rented or streamed on various platforms (click the titles of the movies to easily rent or buy them on Amazon). While some are Oscar winners (looking at you, Moonlight and La La Land), others have somewhat slipped under the radar (cough, cough...Get Out), and we want to make sure that none of these GREENLIGHTS have passed you by!

1. The Founder

If you think that the story of Ray Kroc, McDonald’s founder, sounds dull, think again. Ann and Les thought Michael Keaton was just perfect in this role, expending just the right amount of ruthless ambition to perfect the character. In fact, Ann and Les compare it to one of their other favorite films, The Wolf of Wall Street, except they say that this movie is lighter material! You won’t find this movie a waste of time; on the contrary, you just might decide to buy this one for your movie collection! (Whether or not you’ll want to eat McDonald’s immediately after seeing this is debatable).

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2. Gifted

This movie gives us, as they say, “all the feels.” Heartbreakingly sweet, Ann and Les adored this film about a single man (played by Chris Evans) who raises his very intellectually gifted niece. The little girl in this movie, played by Mckenna Grace, will just make your heart melt. Never was there a cuter child prodigy! (I’m not crying...you’re crying!)

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3. Moonlight

Yes, this movie did end up bringing home the Oscar for “Best Picture” this year (let’s not go down memory lane again about the details), but that is not why Ann and Les loved this picture so much. They loved the valuable lessons that this film taught, as well as the acting and the way this film was set up into three distinct parts of the young man’s life. If you haven’t seen it yet, it definitely should go on your movies-to-see-ASAP list.

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4. La La Land

Easily the “most popular” film of the past year, Damien Chazelle’s romantic masterpiece is making musicals great (and relevant) again! Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling shine in this fun, beautiful movie that has stolen the hearts of more than just the Academy. Listen to Ann and Les’s review about it if you don’t believe me!

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5. Miss Sloane

This film has not received nearly the amount of acclaim that the previous two films on this list have, and yet Ann and Les believe that is is worthy of much more attention than it received upon release. They thought that Jessica Chastain played the role of the intimidating, fearless lobbyist in D.C. to perfection. You should definitely see this political thriller this summer to determine whether or not it’s as incredible as Ann and Les think it is.

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6. Hell or High Water

Just another cowboy movie? That’s what Ann and Les thought too, until they actually watched it. Ann didn’t even think that she liked Westerns until she saw this movie about two brothers who go to desperate measures to save their family’s ranch in Texas. So even if you think that Westerns just aren’t “your thing,” we beg you to give it a chance! Let our review (and the fact that Chris Pine plays a cowboy) change your mind, at least.

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7. Get Out

In this film, we learn that it IS, in fact, possible to create a comedy and a thriller in one movie. Thank you, Jordan Peele. In his directorial debut, Peele does just that, creating what Ann and Les agree is one of the most original movies they have ever seen! They encourage everyone they know to see this movie, as they really were in awe of how the story panned out. It goes from sweet and funny, to just plain weird, to a complete and total nightmare. We’ll say no more...

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8. Hidden Figures

This true story of three brave American women who served a vital role in the early years of NASA brought both Ann and Les to tears. The performances put on by these actresses are just incredible (but what more would we expect of Octavia Spencer and Taraji P. Henson)?) and there is just so much to love about this movie. If you didn’t see if before or after awards season, now is the time to see it! You will not regret it.

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9. Patriot's Day

Ann considered it a crime that this movie was overlooked by the Academy and did not bring home any awards. Both Ann and Les were on the edge of their seats during this movie (despite, they say, knowing what the ending would be). Although many people thought that it was “too soon” to make a movie about the recent terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon in 2013, Ann and Les thought that this movie was reverent and a worthy tribute to the brave people of Boston, especially those whose lives were forever changed that sad day.

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10. Beauty and the Beast

Tale as old as time...yet with new life as exciting as ever! The highly anticipated Disney live animation remake definitely lived up to the hype - both for Ann and Les and for much of America! Emma Watson is just the most perfect “Belle” we could ever imagine, and even if you saw this movie when it first came out in theaters, it is time to rent or download it, throw a Beauty and the Beast summer party, and watch it again! And then again! … But seriously, this movie tops them all - and it tops off our list!

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So look no further for a GREENLIGHT film to make your summer! All 10 of these movies received the green for “go” for various reasons, but we promise that you will find something entertaining and/or of value in each of them. Whether a drama, musical, comedy, thriller, or horror film, we’ve got you covered. We hope everyone has a happy, relaxing, and movie-filled summer!

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